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Services and Solutions


We assist you in the hiring of all levels of professional employees.

Recruiting / Executive Search

We assist you in finding those highly skilled, specialized, and unique employees.

Human Resource Consulting

HR Audit – In one (1) day we review HR systems and make recommendations for improvement.

Personnel Policies – We develop and write policies that ensure compliance with current State and Federal laws.

Employee Handbooks – We create and/or audit employee handbooks to ensure employee understanding of company policies.

Personnel Files – We organize your personnel files for access and proper document retention.

Job Descriptions – We define and develop job descriptions giving management the tools to help employees understand their responsibilities and accountabilities.

Performance Evaluations – We set up systems to monitor employee performance and provide the tools necessary for constant improvement.

Hiring and Termination Procedures – We ensure compliance with State and Federal laws to reduce legal liabilities.

Benefit Analysis and Comparisons – We assist employers in finding creative ideas to increase employee morale through benefit offerings.

Training Sessions – We provide training to management and employees to maximize productivity.

Staffing Analysis – We analyze jobs, write job descriptions, and put into place performance management systems and develop employee satisfaction surveys.

Compensation Strategy and Design – We conduct various salary studies to determine appropriate compensation packages.

Payrolling – Different Than Traditional Payroll Services Because:

  • The employee is selected and interviewed by your company.
  • Denham Resources takes on the employee and therefore absorbs the standard risks (i.e. Worker's Compensation, government-mandated benefits, etc.)

Hiring Options

  • Direct – The candidate becomes an employee of your company immediately.
  • Temporary or Contract – The candidate, as a Denham Resources employee, works for your company for a period of time.
  • Temporary/Contract to Direct - Contract or Temp-to-Hire allows both parties, your company and the employee, time to learn if there is a good fit before you place the employee on your payroll.
  • Contingency: There is no fee due until you hire a candidate we have referred to you.
  • Retained: One-third fee due upon acceptance; one-third fee due upon candidate presentation; one-third fee due upon hire.

Risk Free

Guarantees: We offer money-back and replacement guarantees for our direct hire placements.

Please contact us to learn how our services can be tailored to meet your specific needs.


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