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Job Seekers

How We'll Help Advance Your Career


  • We network for you. Our daily interactions inside and outside the office increase the number of companies who will know about you. We have served over six-thousand companies since 1970.
  • We'll represent you to the hidden job market. Many of the companies who partner with us do so exclusively. We are the sole source of qualified candidates for openings at their companies.
  • We'll represent you to employers who aren't actively looking. Our thorough understanding of our clients allow us to present appropriate candidates whether or not a current opening exists

Managing the Interview Process for You

  • We'll represent you vigorously. We make sure your resume is on the top of the stack and we convince people to see you based on our professional recommendation.
  • We'll give you an unfair advantage. We'll tell you which of your existing strengths to emphasis during the interview process.
  • We'll maximize your time spent. We coordinate schedules and advise you on your progress in a timely manner.

Honest Evaluation

  • We'll share our impressions of you. We will help you understand your most marketable strengths as well as areas in which you can improve.
  • We'll share the employer's impressions. We'll tell you exactly how the employer views you and how that aligns with their goals and your needs.
  • We'll share our impressions of the employers. We'll provide you with distinctive knowledge of company culture to help you make the right career decision.

Skill Enhancements

  • Free tutorials and testing. We offer tutorials and tests for most of the skills and software used by corporate America to allow you to update, and/or, rank your skills.

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