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Hiring Successfully is A Science

Increase Your Hiring Success

Denham Resources is proud to be Central California's exclusive source of PeopleLink, a Hirevalues® system, is a scientific approach to interviewing and screening, based on the fact that past behavior predicts future behavior. This system helps us identify the most qualified candidates for virtually any position.

Before PeopleLink, even the most sophisticated employee selection process resulted in a success rate of only 33%, which is costly considering the expense of hiring and training of new employees. However, because of PeopleLink's scientific approach to interviewing and screening the success rate more than doubles We identify and deliver only the most qualified candidates; this saves you time and money.

Based on Your Workplace Dynamics

The PeopleLink method takes into account much more than just a candidate's answers to technical questions. It enables Denham's consultants to develop customized questions based on the unique dynamics of your office and to consider such individual characteristics as a candidate's behavioral issues, personality traits, interpersonal relationships, emotional stability; and more. This is to guarantee a 'perfect fit' into your workplace, both in terms of competency and personality.

PeopleLink Advantages

  • Scientific – a highly precise, systematic approach to employee selection.
  • Smart – reduces liability for EEO/ADA issues by using past performance to predict future behavior.
  • Efficient – enables you to increase office productivity, with reduced rates of turnover and supervisory problems.
  • Customized – retains custom profiles and interview questions for the positions you need to fill most frequently.
  • Proven – delivers verifiable, predictable success for employers.


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